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My Location: Cincinnati, OH 
Current Time: 07:58:43 PM EDT

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Average High Temperature 78 °F Average Morning Relative Humidity 87%
Average Low Temperature 56 °F Average Afternoon Relative Humidity 52%
Average Mean Temp 68 °F Typical Sky Cover OVR
Average Dew Point 56 °F Average Precipitation (US Only) 2.80 "
Average Windspeed 8 mph Average Snowfall (US Only) 0.00 "
Average Wind Direction SW  
Daily Counts
Days With Precipitation 8 Days With Snow 0
Days With Thunderstorms 3 Days With Lows Below Freezing 0
Days With Fog 16 Days above 90° F (32.2° C) 3
Record High 102 °F Record 24-hour Snowfall 0.00 "
Record Low 33 °F Record Monthly Rainfall 8.59 "
Record Wind Speed 54 mph Record 24-hour Rainfall 3.19 "
Record Monthly Snowfall 0.00 " Record Minimum Monthly Precipitation 0.20 "
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