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Today JULY 3RD, 1863-After Pickett's charge at about 2 p.m., Meade's Union forces defeat Lee's Confederate soldiers following the three-day Battle of Gettysburg. The skies were partly cloudy, light SSW winds prevailed and it was hot, with the mercury registering 87 F (31C), according to Professor Jacobs at Gettysburg College.
JULY 3RD, 1987-Lightning struck and killed three men playing golf on a course near Kingsport TN. The three men had sought shelter from the rain under a tall tree on a small hill.
Jul 02 JULY 2ND, 1833-An unusually large New England tornado, one half to three quarters of a mile wide, went from Salem Pond to Norton Pond VT, and then into Canada.
JULY 2ND, 1843-An alligator reportedly fell from the sky onto Anson Street in Charleston SC during a thunderstorm.
Jul 01 JULY 1ST, 1989-Showers and thunderstorms associated with the low pressure system which was once Tropical Storm Allison continued to drench parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and eastern Texas. Late night thunderstorms produced 12.58 inches of rain at Biloxi MS in six hours, and 10.73 inches at Gulfport MS. Flooding in Mississippi over the first six days of the month caused 55 million dollars damage.
JULY 1ST, 1979-It snowed almost half a foot (5.8 inches) at Stampede Pass WA, a July record.
Jun 30 JUNE 30TH, 1886-The second destructive hurricane in nine days hit the Apalachicola-Tallahassee area.
JUNE 30TH, 1988-Thunderstorms in eastern Kansas drenched Worden with 12.21 inches of rain, and a wall of water two to four feet deep swept through Lone Star KS flooding every home in the town. Up to ten inches of rain was reported southeast of Callaway NE. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 75 mph at Winfield KS. Seventeen cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Duluth MN with a reading of 36 degrees.
Jun 29 JUNE 29TH, 1989-Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the Southern and Central High Plains Region. Thunderstorms in Colorado produced softball size hail at Kit Carson, while pea to marble size hail caused ten million dollars damage to crops in Philips County CO.
JUNE 29TH, 1954-Hurricane Alice dumped as much as 27 inches of rain on the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The Rio Grande River at Laredo reached a level 12.6 feet above its previous highest mark, and the roadway of the U.S. 90 bridge was thirty feet below the high water.
Jun 28 JUNE 28TH, 1788-The Battle of Monmouth in central New Jersey was fought in sweltering heat. The temperature was 96 degrees in the shade, and there were more casualties from the heat than from bullets.
JUNE 28TH, 1923-A massive tornado hit Sandusky OH, then swept across Lake Erie to strike the town of Lorain. The tornado killed 86 persons and caused twelve million dollars damage. The tornado outbreak that day was the worst of record for the state of Ohio up til that time.
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