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Today JULY 7TH, 1981-Montana was in the midst of a snowstorm that dumped ten inches at Glacier National Park, and produced winds to 90 mph. Meanwhile, Denver CO set a record high with a reading of 101 degrees.
JULY 7TH, 1911-A break in one of New England's severest heat waves as temperatures peak at 90 F (32 C) or higher between July 2 and 12, reaching 106 F (41 C) in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and 105 F, in Vermont.
Jul 06 JULY 6TH, 1893-A violent tornado killed 71 persons on its forty-mile track across northwestern Iowa. Forty-nine persons were killed around Pomeroy, where eighty percent of the buildings were destroyed, with most leveled to the ground. Photos showed most of the town without a wall or tree left standing.
JULY 6TH, 1928-A hailstorm at Potter NE produced a stone which was 5.5 inches in diameter, and seventeen inches in circumference, weighing a pound and a half.
Jul 05 JULY 5TH, 1970-The morning low at Death Valley CA was 103 degrees, and the high that afternoon was 120 degrees.
JULY 5TH, 1937-The temperature at Medicine Lake MT soared to 117 degrees to establish a state record.
Jul 04 JULY 4TH, 1956-A world record for the most rain in one minute was set at Unionville MD with a downpour of 1.23 inches.
JULY 4TH, 1776-Thomas Jefferson paid for his first thermometer, and signed the Declaration of Independence. According to his weather memorandum book, at 2 PM it was cloudy and 76 degrees.
Jul 03 JULY 3RD, 1863-After Pickett's charge at about 2 p.m., Meade's Union forces defeat Lee's Confederate soldiers following the three-day Battle of Gettysburg. The skies were partly cloudy, light SSW winds prevailed and it was hot, with the mercury registering 87 F (31C), according to Professor Jacobs at Gettysburg College.
JULY 3RD, 1987-Lightning struck and killed three men playing golf on a course near Kingsport TN. The three men had sought shelter from the rain under a tall tree on a small hill.
Jul 02 JULY 2ND, 1833-An unusually large New England tornado, one half to three quarters of a mile wide, went from Salem Pond to Norton Pond VT, and then into Canada.
JULY 2ND, 1843-An alligator reportedly fell from the sky onto Anson Street in Charleston SC during a thunderstorm.
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