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Today JUNE 26TH, 1888-Residents of New York suffered through a record heat wave. Daily average temperatures were above 80 degrees for fourteen straight days. The heat wave was a sharp contrast to the severe blizzard in March of that year, which buried the city under nearly two feet of snow.
JUNE 26TH, 1977-"The Human Lightning Conductor", park ranger Roy C. Sullivan, was struck by lightning for the seventh time. He was first hit in 1942, then again in 1970, 1972, 1973 and 1976.
Jun 25 JUNE 25TH, 1953-The temperature at Anchorage soared to 86 degrees, their hottest reading of record.
JUNE 25TH, 1749-A general fast was called on account of drought in Massachusetts. It was the year of the famous dry spring in which fields and villages burned.
Jun 24 JUNE 24TH, 1816-During the "Year Without a Summer" and on the heels of an early month cold, temperatures soar for three days to 90 F (32 C) or more in Massachusetts, with the mercury hitting 99 F (37 C) at Salem.
JUNE 24TH, 1951-Twelve inches of hail broke windows and roofs, and dented automobiles, causing more than fourteen million dollars damage. The storm plowed 200 miles from Kingmand County KS into Missouri, with the Wichita area hardest hit. It was the most disastrous hailstorm of record for the state of Kansas.
Jun 23 JUNE 23RD, 1944-Four tornadoes killed 153 persons and caused five million dollars damage in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. The tornadoes formed during the evening and moved southeast along parallel paths flattening everything in their way. The town of Shinnston WV was leveled, and was left with the majority of the casualities. Until that time it was believed that damaging tornadoes did not travel across mountainous terrain.
JUNE 23RD, 1984-The Missouri River sets a nine year record high of 29.22 ft. at Waverly, MO. The record is broken on July 28, 1993, during the Great Midwest Floods when the river crests at the same location, at 31.20 ft.
Jun 22 JUNE 22ND, 1947-Twelve inches of rain fell in forty-two minutes at Holt MO establishing a world rainfall record. That record was tied on January 24-25, 1956, at the Kilauea Sugar Plantation in Hawaii, as their state record was established with 38 inches of rain in 24 hours.
JUNE 22ND, 1972-Hurricane Agnes deluged Pennsylvania and New York State with torrential rains resulting in the most costly flood in U.S. history. In the Middle Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania, 24 hour rainfall amounts were generally 8 to 12 inches, with up to 19 inches in extreme southwestern Schuylkill County. At Wilkes-Barre PA the dike was breached destroying much of the town. Flooding resulted in 117 deaths and 3.1 billion dollars damage.
Jun 21 JUNE 21ST, 1954-Hailstorm in and around Wichita, KS causes $9 million in damages.
JUNE 21ST, 1919-Seven heavy coach cars of a moving train were picked up and thrown from the tracks by tornado winds. A baggage car was set down thirty feet away from the rest of the train.
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