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Today MAY 25TH, 1955-Two tornadoes struck the town of Blackwell OK within a few minutes time during the late evening. The tornadoes killed 18 persons and injured more than 500 others. Early the next morning a tornado virtually obliterated the small community of Udall KS killing 80 persons and injuring 270 persons. More than half the persons in the community were killed or injured by the tornado.
MAY 25TH, 1987-Thunderstorms spawned fifteen tornadoes in West Texas. One thunderstorm spawned a powerful tornado near Gruver TX, along with golf ball size hail and 75 mph winds. A man on a boat on Lake Bistineau in northwest Louisiana was struck and killed by lightning, while the other three persons in the boat were unharmed. The man reportedly stood up in the boat and asked to be struck by lightning.
May 24 MAY 24TH, 1940-Hail fell near Ada OK to a depth of six to eight inches, and rainfall runoff left drifts of hail up to five feet high.
MAY 24TH, 1894-Six inches of snow blanketed Kentucky. Just four days earlier as much as ten inches of snow had fallen across Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. Six days earlier a violent storm had wrecked nine ships on Lake Michigan.
May 23 MAY 23RD, 1882-Eastern Iowa receives 6 in (15 cm) of snow during late season snowstorm.
MAY 23RD, 1989-Severe thunderstorms developing along a cold front resulted in 98 reports of large hail and damaging winds in the Northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley. Golf ball size hail caused a million dollars damage around Buffalo City WI, baseball size hail was reported at Northfield MN and Randolph MN, and thunderstorm winds gusted to 95 mph at Dunkerton IA.
May 22 MAY 22ND, 1987-A powerful tornado virtually wiped the small southwest Texas community of Saragosa off the map. The twister destroyed eighty- five percent of the structures in the town killing thirty persons and injuring 121 others in the town of population 183. The tornado hurled trucks and autos through adobe and wood- frame homes, with some vehicles blown 500 feet.
MAY 22ND, 1832-Kennebec River discharges 140,000 cu. ft. per second during a flood at Waterville, ME.
May 21 MAY 21ST, 1860-A swarm of tornadoes occurred in the Ohio Valley. Tornadoes struck the cities of Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Chillicothe OH and Marietta OH causing a million dollars damage.
MAY 21ST, 1896-The mercury soared to 124 degrees at Salton CA to establish a U.S. record for May.
May 20 MAY 20TH, 1916-On the same day on this year and again in 1917 and 1918, tornadoes strike Codell, KS.
MAY 20TH, 1957-A tornado touched down to the southwest of Kansas City and traveled a distance of seventy-one miles cutting a swath of near total destruction through the southeastern suburbs of Ruskin Heights and Hickman Mills. The tornado claimed the lives of forty-five persons, and left hundreds homeless. It was the worst weather disaster of record for Kansas City. About all that remained of one house was a small table and a fish bowl atop, with the fish still swimming about inside the bowl, rather unconcerned.
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