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Issuing Time Wed, 17 Jul 2024 05:17:38 PDT
Broadcast Time Wed, 17 Jul 2024 05:17:38 PDT
Valid Until Wed, 17 Jul 2024 17:17:38 PDT
Brief Description HEAT WARNING
Detailed Description 5:17 AM PDT Wednesday 17 July 2024 Heat Warning in effect for: 100 Mile This is a heat warning. Elevated temperatures are expected and there is a moderate risk to public health. Where: 100 Mile, Cariboo, North Thompson, Prince George, Williston. When: Continuing into next week. What: Daytime highs in the 30s with overnight lows in the mid teens. Remarks: An extended period of high temperatures will continue as a ridge of high pressure remains over the region. Little relief is expected at night with elevated overnight temperatures. Current guidance indicates high temperatures moderating early next week. Heat affects everyone, but the risks are greater for: seniors, people who live alone, people with pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or respiratory disease, people with mental illness such as schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety, people with substance use disorders, people with limited mobility. Check on family, friends and neighbours, who are at higher risk, particularly if they live alone, to make sure they have a cool space. Watch for early signs of heat illness (feeling unwell, fatigue, thirst, headache, unusually dark urine) as these can rapidly evolve into life-threatening emergencies. Move to a cooler environment immediately, such as a shaded or air-conditioned space. Drink plenty of water regularly, even before you feel thirsty to decrease your risk of dehydration. Thirst is not a good indicator of dehydration. Watch for early signs of heat illness (feeling unwell, fatigue, thirst, headache, unusually dark urine) as these can rapidly evolve into life-threatening emergencies. Ask a health professional, such as a pharmacist or physician, how medications or health conditions can affect your risk in the heat. Anyone working in the heat should take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool or shaded space. Never leave susceptible people, particularly children, or pets inside a parked vehicle. If you are in an overheated area, seek a cool place such as a tree-shaded area, splash pad, misting station, or air-conditioned spot like a public building. To get more information: - Check the local news for health and safety updates. - Check HealthLinkBC online resources about heat-related illness and how to protect yourself at healthlinkbc.ca/healthlinkbc-files/heat-related-illness . - Call HealthLinkBC at 8-1-1 to ask about heat-related illness. Environment Canada and local Medical Health Officers expect an increase in health and safety risks from heat and are advising the public to take precautions. Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to BCstorm@ec.gc.ca or tweet reports using #BCStorm .
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