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  Marine Reports: Tide Tables

My Location: Augusta, ME 
Current Time: 04:57:23 PM EDT

Reporting Location: Sheepscot River, Sheepscot (below rapids)
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Tide Tables
  High Tide Low Tide
  Time Height Time Height
Tue Tide Set One 05:01 AM 9.48 ft 11:34 AM 0.89 ft
Tide Set Two 05:52 PM 8.20 ft 11:45 PM 2.10 ft
Astronomy Information
    Moonphase Rise Set
Moon Waxing crescent 10:21 AM 02:09 AM
Sun   06:27 AM 07:00 PM
  High Tide Low Tide
  Time Height Time Height
Wed Tide Set One 05:59 AM 9.02 ft 12:37 PM 1.28 ft
Tide Set Two 06:55 PM 7.94 ft
Thu Tide Set One 07:03 AM 8.76 ft 12:48 AM 2.36 ft
Tide Set Two 07:58 PM 7.91 ft 01:41 PM 1.44 ft
Fri Tide Set One 08:07 AM 8.76 ft 01:53 AM 2.33 ft
Tide Set Two 08:55 PM 8.10 ft 02:40 PM 1.41 ft
More Locations
Location Coordinates  
Gardiner, Kennebec River, ME (44.23N, 69.77W)
Richmond, Kennebec River, ME (44.09N, 69.80W)
Sheepscot (below rapids), Sheepscot River, ME (44.05N, 69.62W)
Damariscotta River, Newcastle, ME (44.03N, 69.54W)
Newcastle, Damariscotta River, ME (44.03N, 69.54W)
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