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Today APRIL 14TH, 1886-A devastating tornado, 800 yards in width at times, cut a twenty mile path through Saint Cloud MN killing 74 persons. The bottom of the Mississippi River was said to have been seen during the tornado's crossing. Eleven persons were killed at a wedding party near the town of Rice.
APRIL 14TH, 1873-A famous Easter blizzard raged across Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Gale force winds blew the wet snow into massive drifts, however there were few deaths due to the sparse population and due to the gradual increase of the storm.
Apr 13 APRIL 13TH, 1877-The second coastal storm in just three days hit Virginia and the Carolinas. The first storm flattened the sand dunes at Hatteras, and widened the Oregon inlet three quarters of a mile. The second storm produced hurricane force winds along the coast of North Carolina causing more beach erosion and land transformation.
APRIL 13TH, 1955-The town of Axis AL was deluged with 20.33 inches of rain in 24 hours establishing a state record.
Apr 12 APRIL 12TH, 1861-The Civil War begins under rainy skies as Confederate forces capture Fort Sumpter, at the entrance of Charleston Harbor, in South Carolina. 1927: A tornado kills 72 and destroys Rock Springs, TX.
APRIL 12TH, 1934-Winds atop Mount Washington NH averaged 186 mph for five minutes, with a peak gust of 231 mph, the highest wind speed ever clocked in the world.
Apr 11 APRIL 11TH, 1987-Ten days of flooding in the northeastern U.S. finally came to an end. Damage from flooding due to rain and snow melt ran into the billions of dollars. The collapse of the New York State Thruway Bridge over Schoharie Creek claimed ten lives.
APRIL 11TH, 1965-Severe thunderstorms in the Upper Midwest spawned fifty-one tornadoes killing 256 persons and causing more than 200 million dollars damage. Indiana, Ohio and Michigan were hardest hit in the "Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak".
Apr 10 APRIL 10TH, 1894-A heavy late season snow blanketed parts of the northeastern U.S. Heavier snowfall totals included 31.5 inches at Salem Corners PA, 30 inches at LeRoy NY, 26 inches at York PA, 14 inches at Waterbury CT, and 9 inches at Providence RI.
APRIL 10TH, 1979-A massive tornado smashed into Wichita Falls TX killing 43 persons and causing 300 million dollars damage. Another tornado struck Vernon TX killing eleven persons.
Apr 09 APRIL 9TH, 1947-A tornado struck Woodward OK during the late evening killing 95 persons and causing six million dollars damage. The tornado, one to two miles in width, and traveling at a speed of 68 mph, killed a total of 167 persons along its 221 mile path from Texas into Kansas, injured 980 others, and caused nearly ten million dollars damage.
APRIL 9TH, 1987-International Falls MN reported their sixth straight record high for the date, with a reading of 77 degrees. A cold front ushering sharply colder weather into the north central U.S. produced wind gusts to 60 mph at Glasgow MT.
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