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Today JUNE 6TH, 1816-The temperature reached 92 degrees at Salem MA during an early heat wave, but then plunged 49 degrees in 24 hours to commence the famous "year without a summer".
JUNE 6TH, 1894-One of the greatest floods in U.S. history occurred as the Williamette River overflowed to inundate half of the business district of Portland OR.
Jun 05 JUNE 5TH, 1916-A tornado struck the town of Warren AR killing 83 persons. There were 125 deaths that day in a tornado outbreak across Missouri and Arkansas.
JUNE 5TH, 1859-Frost was reported from Iowa to New England. The temperature dipped to 25 degrees in New York State, and up to two inches of snow blanketed Ohio. The cold and snow damaged the wheat crop.
Jun 04 JUNE 4TH, 1825-A hurricane struck Long Island NY leveling trees and causing damage to ships. The early season hurricane, which originated around Cuba, caused major damage along the Atlantic coast from Charleston SC to New York City. Many were lost at sea.
JUNE 4TH, 1982-A four day storm began over New England which produced up to 14 inches of rain in southern Connecticut breaching twenty-three dams and breaking two others. Damage was estimated at more than 276 million dollars.
Jun 03 JUNE 3RD, 1860-For nine hours between 4 p.m. and 1 a.m., the next day, the Comanche Tornado slices a savage swath of destruction from Cedar Rapids, IA to Van Buren County, MI; the town of Comanche, IA is destroyed and 175 people killed. (Possibly longest living tornado on record; but not verified due to it not being known if its surface contact was uninterrupted or if more than one twister was involved.)
JUNE 3RD, 1959-Thunderstorms in northwestern Kansas produced up to eighteen inches of hail near Salden during the early evening. Crops were completely destroyed, and total damage from the storm was about half a million dollars. Hail fell for a record eighty-five minutes. The temperature dropped from near 80 degrees prior to the storm to 38 degrees at the height of the storm.
Jun 02 JUNE 2ND, 1889-A great flood on the Potomac River in Washington D.C. took out a span of Long Bridge, and flooded streets near the river. The flood stage reached was not again equalled until 1936.
JUNE 2ND, 1985-Lightning struck a house, broke a bedroom window, and jumped to a metal frame bed. A man was killed but his wife was unharmed by the lightning.
Jun 01 JUNE 1ST, 1812-As a direct result of the "Cold Years of 1812-1817," apple trees at New Haven, CT still blossoming, providing the longest period of blooms reported during the 18 years, since 1794.
JUNE 1ST, 1980-A man from Falmouth ME was struck by lightning restoring his eyesight. The man had been blind and partially deaf since a truck accident in 1971.
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