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Today AUGUST 12TH, 1778-A Rhode Island hurricane prevented an impending British-French sea battle, and caused extensive damage over southeast New England.
AUGUST 12TH, 1955-During the second week of August hurricanes Connie and Diane produced as much as 19 inches of rain in the northeastern U.S. forcing rivers from Virginia to Massachusetts into a high flood. Westfield MA was deluged with 18.15 inches of rain in 24 hours, and at Woonsocket RI the Blackstone River swelled from seventy feet in width to a mile and a half. Connecticut and the Delaware Valley were hardest hit. Total damage in New England was 800 million dollars, and flooding claimed 187 lives.
Aug 11 AUGUST 11TH, 1940-A major hurricane struck Savannnah GA and Charleston SC causing the worst inland flooding since 1607.
AUGUST 11TH, 1944-The temperature at Burlington VT soared to an all-time record high of 101 degrees.
Aug 10 AUGUST 10TH, 1856-A hurricane's 5 ft. storm tide drowns 140 vacationers at Isle Derniere (Last Island) off the Louisiana coast. In 1943, on the same day, lightning kills six soldiers on a drill field at Fort Belvoir, VA.
AUGUST 10TH, 1980-Hurricane Allen came ashore above Brownsville TX dropping fifteen inches of rain near San Antonio, and up to 20 inches in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Tidal flooding occurred along the South Texas coast. Hurricane Allen packed winds to 150 mph, and also spawned twenty-nine tornadoes. Total damage from the storm was estimated at 750 million dollars.
Aug 09 AUGUST 9TH, 1878-The second most deadly tornado in New England history struck Wallingford CT killing 34 persons, injuring 100 others, and completely destroying thirty homes. The tornado started as a waterspout over a dam on the Quinnipiac River. It was 400 to 600 feet wide, and had a short path length of two miles.
AUGUST 9TH, 1969-A tornado hit Cincinnati OH killing four persons and causing fifteen million dollars property damage. The tornado moved in a southeasterly direction at 40 to 50 mph.
Aug 08 AUGUST 8TH, 1882-An August snowstorm was reported by a ship on Lake Michigan. A thick cloud reportedly burst on the decks covering them with snow and slush six inches deep. Snow showers were observed at shore points that day.
AUGUST 8TH, 1983-The temperature at Big Horn Basin WY reached 115 degrees to establish a state record.
Aug 07 AUGUST 7TH, 1904-A flash flood near Pueblo CO washed a train from the tracks killing 89 passengers. A bridge, weakened by the floodwaters sweeping through the valley below, gave way under the weight of the train dashing all but the sleeping cars into the torrent drowning the occupants. Rail service was frequently interrupted in the Rocky Mountain Region and southwestern U.S. that summer due to numerous heavy downpours which washed out the railroad beds delaying trains as much as five days.
AUGUST 7TH, 1984-El Paso TX normally receives 1.21 inches of rain in August. During a storm which left downtown El Paso under five feet of water, they recieved over 5 inches in forty-five minutes.
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